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Do you use SYSPRO for your ERP but have other sales channels like Amazon, Shopify, or your own eCommerce store that you need to integrate? Our software engineers have years of experience building custom software for SYSPRO integration.

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how can SYSPRO integration benefit you?

Our software can help you synchronize customers, orders, product inventory, pricing, shipping and fulfillment (including tracking numbers), and even returns and exchanges. Whether using Amazon’s FBA or Amazon’s FM service or your own eCommerce platform, our software engineers can help you develop the perfect software to help you maximize your integration. Our customers collectively save tens of thousands of employee hours a year, allowing operations departments to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Syndicated Technologies

data integration we provide for SYSPRO

  • Download Orders to SYSPRO ERP

  • Customer product details

  • Shipping details including delivery method

  • Payment details including transaction ID

  • Upload SYSPRO sales order status

  • Once order is shipped in SYSPRO system, your customer can be automatically notified with tracking numbers

  • inventory

  • Synchronize SYSPRO warehouse inventory with online stores

  • product pricing

  • Price updates within SYSPRO warehouse can be pushed automatically to eCommerce platforms

  • Returns to Sales Channels like Amazon

  • Returns to third party can be tracked for inventory and sales order updates

SYSPRO is built using .Net with Microsoft Stack. It leverages a rules-based development environment for customization and extensibility. It is an underlying platform, available to both customers and partners, that modifies business objects and application logic.Schedule a free consultation today.

about Syndicated Technologies

Since 1997, we have been helping companies across the globe develop software that uses business intelligence on their data and processes. Our custom business intelligence and analysis software development team, led by our founder and CEO, Matthew A. Haas, is ready to learn all about your data evaluation needs and provide solutions.

Using our methodology, we will ascertain your needs and goals for your project to define scope. Then, equipped with our rich experience, we will help you find a software plan that meets or exceeds your objectives. Unlike other integrators, we team with certified SYSPRO implementation partners and are recognized as a trusted global software provider by SYSPRO.

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