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With our eyes always on the latest technologies, we’re poised to help put our customers in the best position possible to reach their goals. With custom built software, we can offer the best-in-class solutions tailor made for your exact needs.

  • Core Competencies

  • Full stack development

  • ASP.NET Core application

  • PHP

  • Java

  • C# and C++

  • Single page applications (SPA’s) with Angular

  • Microservices based architecture for large and complicated applications (internet scale)

  • Core Competencies

  • Docker for containerization and Kubernetes to host our microservices

  • Azure DevOps with build and release pipelines along with automated testing

  • For microservices communications, we use Service Bus along with HTTP clients

  • SQL Server, MYSQL, Maria DB, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases (like Azure Cosmos DB)

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