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We have developed a methodology that allows our software architects and engineers to deliver the best software solutions on time and on budget. We constantly refine our processes, provide continuing education for our team members, and learn about the latest technologies available.

our roadmap to success

In order to help you with your business goals, we’ve created a comprehensive, step-by-step roadmap that we follow with every client. Here’s what you can expect on your roadmap to success:

Syndicated Technologies

Discovery Let’s chat! We want to learn all about you and your project. What are your goals? Where are your pain points? What’s your opportunity? Who is your audience, and who will be using your software? What platforms are you working on? We ascertain your objectives and needs for the project, including how those needs may evolve over time and what resources are needed to support them. We present a summary, or “creative brief,” to clients for approval. This lets our team members with different backgrounds, experiences, and approaches fully understand your business goals.  Then we know how to begin the journey.

Syndicated Technologies

Strategize Once we understand your needs, we start to plan. We break up your needs into two groups: functional and non-functional requirements, which means simply what the software will be able to do and what it will look like. We look at all the latest technologies available and provide recommendations to achieve your goal. If your software requires user interaction or is a large part of the project, our design teams also work with you in developing the brand and style guidelines. We then build out the plan, schedule milestones, and assign team members to make sure your project is done on time and to specifications. To maximize synchronicity and transparency, we look for client engagement and approval throughout each phase.

Syndicated Technologies

Building and Testing We are firm believers in transparency in the development process. Along with sharing scheduled updates, we give customers early and regular access to the build process. This allows checks on project milestones. It also allows for early and easy feedback throughout the entire process. We utilize thorough software testing and real-world testing processes to ensure your project will work perfectly upon rollout. Testing is often underutilized by other companies, but Syndicated Technologies believes it is absolutely crucial to the process.

Syndicated Technologies

Support If the rapid development of the internet revolution has taught us anything, it’s that change happens more quickly in this industry than almost any other. Software often needs updates, bug fixes, expansions, and improvements. Built into all of our clients’ projects is the critical support for going live and continued support throughout the full lifecycle of the software.

Our team adheres to tried-and-true agile processes. We tailor each client’s business needs with active communication, full transparency, and frequent reporting, which allows us to boost performance and introduce changes fluidly along the way.

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