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Since 1997, we at Syndicated Technologies have been designing and building software for our clients and our own special projects. We are fascinated by technology, and marvel at its rapid evolution in just the past few decades, beginning with the silicon chip to today’s Web 2.0. We are excited by new ideas to break barriers and open gateways – especially ones that have not yet been considered accessible to corporations, let alone the individual entrepreneur.


We have built our company’s success upon 15 years of studying these opportunities and applying them with creativity and a high level of business acumen. Keeping a close eye on high-tech advances, we’ve provided innovative solutions for our clients that have exceeded their expectations, and in turn, helped Syndicated Technologies earn its reputation. We are a business-minded company that focuses on our clients’ needs and goals. Whether it’s creating entertainment, streamlining information processing, automating repetitive tasks, solving problems or mapping solutions, our number one goal is the same: to deliver projects on time and on budget, ever mindful of our customer’s bottom line.


During a client’s project analysis we go above and beyond what others typically take on, in order to understand the desired outcome not only as it relates to the project, but to the company, as well. This big-picture review insures that our solution will fully integrate with other projects and procedures already in place. By doing this, we most often surface a company’s hidden capabilities and then go on to develop optimal solutions that are inherently more powerful and less expensive to implement.


It’s also not our style to simply draft functional and non-functional requirements when putting a plan together. We are careful to develop and test multiple strategies, often in creative and out-of-the-box ways, until we achieve solution that works best.


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