Applying a process that helps determine what makes sense strategically for the user; analyzing feedback and optimizing the system; and releasing an end product that drives results for your business and elevates you above your competition is our ultimate mission.



Website Development :


These days it is rare for a website to contain static information, as text and graphics changes can happen on a regular basis. We suggest you go a step even further, beyond interactive and make your site a way to accomplish additional activities – leverage sales with e-commerce capability; access and update account information; customize product offerings; use tracking tools to manage memberships or subscriptions or provide a source of fun and entertainment.

For example, do you have systems and processes in place that are tedious and take time and inhibit customer interaction? Why not consider migrating those to the Web? Save time, energy and money and instead develop customized solutions to automate, calculate and process many of the things your employees do on a regular basis, and free them up for more cost-effective tasks.


Mobile App Development :


The mobile application software market is exploding, and is expected to grow exponentially. Over a billion iPhone apps have been downloaded since 2009. And as Internet access expands and speeds increase, mobile device usage may very well top that of PCs. Tablet and notebook devices are also blurring the lines between what is understood to be a computer and a mobile device. This is why choosing to work with Syndicated Technologies in developing your mobile application is very important. We understand the ever-changing landscape of these devices and their operating systems, while taking into account wireless access and internet speed. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Windows, Droid or any other system, we can help develop an application that’s just right for your target audience.

Because mobile devices generally offer a common set of unique attributes – touchscreen, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and cameras, we can harness the special libraries needed to access the services necessary to maximize your application’s utility. Whether you offer your product for free; free with ad sponsorship or incentive bonuses with direct e-commerce capabilities; pitch it as a high-end product, or sell it mass market at low cost , we’ll help make it a reality.


Database Management Analysis and Development :

Good data management is quickly becoming an important issue for growing companies. People are being overloaded with data. Storage has become so inexpensive that we have a tendency to capture more data without discerning what to save and what to purge.

In addition, the sheer volume of information often becomes staggering and so overwhelming that you simply cannot find value in the information you already possess. We know how to utilize technology that will help you easily access information with tools that not only analyze and process data, but also suggest ways to manipulate and quantify it, thereby providing a new perspective on how to streamline and grow your business. It’s not uncommon for our clients to collect data from different systems designed not to interface with each another. We’ve helped bridge that gap with proprietary systems that communicate and effectively work together. In the instance your business needs to migrate to another system, we’ve got the expertise to make this happen quickly with minimal downtime.

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