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Not too long ago, the business community was shouting "Big Data!" – a movement that every business needed to track, measure, and gather data into their company processes. (Not a bad idea. If you’re not already doing this, call us right away!) But now many companies have a new problem – they are flooded with data and have no idea what data is relevant or of value to help them inform their business decisions.

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If you need help generating business intelligence from your data, there are many tools on the market that can help.

Regretfully, much of what’s available requires a software engineer, or they are too generic and “cookie-cutter,” which means they aren’t customized to your specific needs. Business intelligence and analysis software is used to gather, process, analyze, and visualize past, current, and future data in order to generate actionable business insights, create interactive reports, and simplify decision-making processes. These tools include key features such as data visualization, visual analytics, interactive dashboarding, and KPI (key performance indicator) scorecards. Additionally, they enable users to utilize automated reporting and predictive analytics features.

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Ultimately, organizations and companies need help when it comes to making sustainable and profitable decisions.

By utilizing modern and professional business intelligence tools, each  challenge can be addressed promptly, without the need for massive IT design or investment. Want to speak with us and see just what we mean?

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Since 1997, we have been helping companies across the globe develop software that helps them garner business intelligence on their data and processes. Our custom business intelligence and analysis software development team, led by our founder and CEO, Matthew A. Haas, is ready to learn all about your data evaluation needs and help you bring them to fruition. Using our methodology, we will ascertain your needs and goals for your project to define scope. Then, equipped with years of experience, we will help you find a software plan that meets or exceeds your objectives.

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