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Do you need to pull in data from a third-party API into your software for data integration, or do you need to make your data accessible to a third party?

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so what is an API?

An API (application programming interface) is basically a software interface that defines interactions between multiple software components -- mostly on the web. If you need to integrate your system with an existing API or if you need us to build you an API that others can access, we have years of experience to help you get it done. Our software engineers have extensive experience in API software development for a wide variety of industries.

We develop APIs for mobile, desktop, console and browser apps, as well as databases, search engines, and intranet systems. We implement internal and external APIs while leveraging exposed third-party web services. Our industry-specific approach to API management solves issues related to the sharing of data, business logic, content, micro-services, and communications.

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We can create RESTful APIs using HTTP or real-time applications with two-way communication using WebSockets. As always, since security is paramount, access to your APIs is controlled by OAuth (JWT) tokens.

A custom API will define the kinds of calls or requests that can be made, how to make them, the data formats that should be used, and the conventions to follow. We are big fans of Swagger for many API software development projects.

With the popular desire to integrate previously unconnected online systems, APIs are quickly becoming the way to extend the functionality of existing services. Whether it is paid access, limited through throttling, or free, we will not only build it, we’ll help you support it.

about Syndicated Technologies

Since our founding in 1997, we have been helping companies across the globe develop software that interacts between different systems. Our API software developers, led by our founder and CEO, Matthew A. Haas, are ready to learn all about your API and help you bring it to life. See how our approach can change your business.

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