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Selling on Amazon, but frustrated with its tools and lack of tech support? Do you want better integration of your CRM and existing software with Amazon Seller Tools? Forget about manually exporting reports, wasting hours converting flat files, and efforts to import and reconcile data that’s not current or misaligned – that’s a nightmare. That’s why clients come to Syndicated Technologies -- to help them build super-efficient Amazon Seller custom software to help them increase productivity and sell more, faster, for less.

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Unnecessary effort on repetitive tasks is a waste of resources. it makes overall productivity and profits suffer.

We take advantage of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) integrations so that we can provide easy ways for our customers to exchange data on listings, orders, payments, and reports. This will allow them to run their Amazon businesses more efficiently and with greater business intelligence.

With just a few clicks, you can gain greater control over your inventory, download order information, obtain payment data, and request a variety of custom reports. In addition, we are also versed in Amazon Alexa voice control skill development as well as Google Home voice control.

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Since 1997, we have been helping companies across the globe develop software that helps them to increase productivity with custom software development for Amazon Seller’s integration. Our team of engineers knows what it takes to build custom MWS integration with Amazon’s API.

Led by our founder and CEO, Matthew A. Haas, our software engineers are ready to learn all about your Amazon integration needs so we can help bring your project to fruition. Using our methodology, we will ascertain your needs and goals for your project to define scope. Then, equipped with our rich and varied experience, we will help you find a software plan that meets or exceeds your objectives.

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