The Syndicated Technologies team is led by co-founder and President Matthew A. Haas.
Matthew A. Haas had a keen interest in electronics from an early age. He enjoyed building circuits with Radio Shack electronics learning kits, starting with the popular 30-in-one model when he was just 9 years old. Soon after, he started taking apart old broken electronics to create new little inventions – he built personal fans, motorized kit cars, infrared alarms, and even a doorknob shocker to keep his sisters out of his room. Matt comes from a long line of inventors, including his great-grandfather, grandfather, and uncle, who hold numerous patents between them, so his passion to innovate and create is no surprise.
At 10 years old, Matt fell in love with computers when his father brought home a 286 computer running DOS. Though it only had a 20 MB hard drive, a 5 ¼” floppy drive, and a monochrome CRT screen, it was instant magic for Matt. To learn DOS, he started typing each command alphabetically and this is how he discovered the programming language BASIC. His passion for programming started with the coding of text-based games.
Matt earned two degrees from Drexel University of Philadelphia -- one in Computer Science and another in Film and Video Production. He started a video production company, Syndicate Pictures with his best friend in 1995 during their freshman year of college. Soon after, the internet started to look like it was going to be something big. So in 1997, he started the software development company Syndicated Technologies. While still in college, he was hired by DuPont and the University of Pennsylvania for software and internet development programs. He fondly recalls coding for version 0.9 of the web browser called Netscape while it was still in Beta.
Matt’s companies have continued to grow through the years. He has had the pleasure of working with and consulting for clients across the globe for a wide variety of industry sectors, including such names as DuPont, Disney, Fox, and more. In addition to his work with clients, he has internally designed and developed several games and SaaS projects that he later licensed to the public.

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