What Drives Us

Ever since Matthew A. Haas founded Syndicated Technologies in 1997, he has been leading our team of talented engineers and designers in solving complex business challenges through innovative software and hardware solutions. Matt’s varied background makes him unique in the field. His broad education and experience spans both the technical world and the world of creative endeavors, positioning him as a sort of Renaissance man who is not satisfied with simply providing a technically excellent product; rather, all of his projects are driven by his unique blend of technical excellence, imagination, and creativity.


Matt named his company Syndicated Technologies because he knew that to achieve his vision, he would need to pull together varied teams with different proficiencies and experience to work together on projects. Additionally, Syndicated Technologies only hires team members who excel in their field and love the work we do. Many of our engineers code and design for fun on the side, and this passion and creativity carries over into all of our work. Matt knew that if he created a company where his teams could be creative and have fun while delivering best-in-class software, you will reap the benefits!


We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to specifically select the projects and clients we take on. This means that you can be confident you have a team you will enjoy working with, and who is enthusiastic about making your project a success. Passionate about the latest technology, we thrive on the creative collaboration between our team and our clients while we push the boundaries of what’s possible to build your vision.


Are you ready for us to help you save millions in increased productivity and time-savings? Do you want us to help you make millions with your mobile app or SaaS concept? We are ready to help you create the next big thing!


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