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This is key. We start every new project by identifying what we call the CORE functional requirements: deciding what type of data goes in, how to process it, and determining the results. Granted, this sounds pretty basic, but we are amazed at how often software projects get bogged down by elaborate “bells n’ whistles” (non-functional requirements) that altogether miss the project’s desired outcome. Our obsession with the core fundamentals means that you’ll end up with the best product.

Once we have a primary understanding and have targeted a specific outcome, we begin the project by reviewing technology and design.


There are many ways to skin a cat – none of which we like to think about. But it’s true that software can be built with many tools. It’s not as simple as saying “we need this” and selecting one type of technology that works. During our planning, we evaluate many tools, in order to find which ones best meet your needs. Here is where our knowledge of emerging technologies comes into play. Oftentimes a new technology helps us build software solutions cheaper, better and faster giving clients a distinct advantage over competitors.

Yes, other software development companies use new technologies, but they sometimes forget its utility and view it only as a really cool tool they can’t wait to use.


Nearly every piece of software that we develop for our clients requires human interaction. It sounds silly to even mention that, but you’d be surprised at how much software is lacking in usability and accessibility. Even the most magnificent software will be of little value if people can’t interface with it. We set ourselves apart from the competition here due to our extensive experience in graphic design, animation, multimedia development and video production due in large part to our sister company Syndicate Pictures, Inc. Our solid reputation is built on almost two decades of gaining keen insight as to users’ demands and applying that know-how with only the best practices.

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